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Myofascial pain is usually muscle pain, tenderness, or spasms, and myofascial trigger point injection treatment focuses on the areas of pain and involves injecting medication directly into the trigger point. The area is usually tender and painful when pressed, and the treatment can relieve this pain. At Hope Neurological & Medical Services, our clinic offers various treatment plans that can help manage the trigger point pain you have occurring. Call for an appointment at (404) 631-6156.


A trigger point (TrP) is a small contracture within the muscle; it is a local area where muscle tissue is starved of oxygen which generally causes pain and dysfunction. When a muscle is either held in a static position for too long (sitting or using a computer/phone are examples) or over-stressed through exercise or postural imbalances, it can cause trigger points to form. Trigger points are difficult to alleviate through stretching and massage alone.


To request an appointment to speak with our physician about trigger point injections, call our clinic at (404) 631-6156.

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