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Who We Are

Hope Neurology was created from a single idea – to provide comprehensive care to individuals who have suffered from a acute traumatic injuries, resulting in a neurological condition.

Our board-certified doctors have been helping patients with personal injury care for years. Providing these services on a lien basis allows us to provide evaluations and treatments without any upfront financial burdens to our patients.

Our Locations

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Happy Patients

“I just love Dr. Brandes and his staff. He was the only neurologist to figure out the mystery of my neurological condition. The staff are always professional and he is very thorough. The infusion nurses are great and very understanding of patient needs. Hope Neurology deserves five stars or more for the care they give and the attention to detail.”


Krista Loy

“The care I received after my accident was thorough and thoughtful, the staff at Hope was very courteous and professional.”


Demetrius Wilson

“Great staff! Very knowledgeable and efficient.”


Darniesha Dunn
Car Accident

“5 Stars!”


Karen Canaan
Chronic Pain

“Hope Neurological is a gift to those struggling with chronic pain. Their team is emphatic, invested and concerned. Their open communication with the patient and family is strong and direct. As loving and dedicated parents, advocating for health insurance coverage, treatment coordination etc., we are lucky to have Hope in our corner.”


Rory U.
Cervical Injuries

“Ok so I have had horrible problems with my neck and right arm for so many years. I have spent thousands on trying to just figure out what was happening with no real answer. Well I have finally found a fix, the amazing doctors at Hope Neurological. I can feel my arm again and don’t have the amount of pain I have had for years. No more mass amounts of Advil to take the edge off. If you are in need of an amazing doctor, not just for your neck but whole body, I have to say you definitly need to go see them! Hope Neurological and Medical services in Las Cruces, NM is the best!”


Antonio R.
Chronic Pain

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